News Articles

Lobue, Chandler, Harris, McClarty and Patricio: Immigration Reform is Vital to Ag to Fill Jobs Americans Won’t Do
August 14, 2013 — The Fresno Bee

Editorial: Farmers in Need of a Guest-Worker Program
March 13, 2013 — Orange County Register

Most Idaho Dairy Workers are Not Here Legally
March 12, 2013 — Idaho Statesman

Lack of Cow Milkers for Yogurt Drives Immigration Debate
March 12, 2013 — Bloomberg

Farm Labor Shortage Looms as California Workers Age
March 11, 2013 — Sacramento Bee

Senators Struggle Over Work Visas
March 10, 2013 — The Wall Street Journal

Farm Bureau: Import Field Workers or Import Food
February 27, 2013 — WRAL-TV

Ag Leaders Argue for New Guest Worker Program
February 26, 2013 — The Packer

Farm Bureau Urges New Ag Labor Guestworker Program
February 26, 2013 — Farm Bureau

Agricultural Labor and Immigration Issues in Spotlight
February 26, 2013 — DTN

Life on a Dairy Farm [Video]
February 23, 2013 — Los Angeles Times

Business Owners Emerge as Vocal Force in Pro-Immigration Debate
February 22, 2013 — Los Angeles Times

Lack of Immigration Reform Threatens California Farmers
February 20, 2013 — Los Angeles Times

Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Keep Close Eye On Immigration Reform
February 15, 2013 — The Green Bay Press Gazette

Immigration Reform A Work In Progress
February 14, 2013 — Growing Produce

A Spark of Optimism for Ag Labor Reform
February 11, 2013 — Farm Bureau: Focus on Agriculture

Tom Nassif: Stop Playing Politics With Illegal Workers
January 14, 2013 — Orange County Register

The Immigration Cops Go After a Dairy Farm
June 29, 2012 — The Wall Street Journal

Immigration Hangs Like a Dark Cloud Over Dairy Farms
April 21, 2012 — Lancaster Farming



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